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Campbell Beach Farm and Tree Nursery
is located in northeastern North Dakota on a beach of ancient glacial Lake Agazziz.  The climate and clay loam soil are well-suited to growing healthy conifers.  This type of soil also forms a rootball that is easy to dig and stays intact until planted.  Owner, Michael (Skip) Kotchman, has been growing Scotch pine and spruce trees on his family-owned tree farm since 1978 and has a reputation for beautiful, quality trees.     
Your best source for healthy landscape trees and that magnificent Christmas tree that your family will remember forever is Campbell Beach Farm and Tree Nursery.
Our address is 12989 82 Street NE, Cavalier, ND 58220.  Phone us at 701-265-4720.
We are located on Highway 32, four miles north of Mountain, ND on the west side of the highway.

All of our trees are inspected regularly by the North Dakota State Department of Agriculture.   

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